Jarrod Ainslie

CTO, Infrastructure, Architecture Design

Considered a straight shooter by most and is not one to waste time pondering decisions, Jarrod uses his mad skills (with 17 years IT experience and endless qualifications) to provide the best solutions to the many problems that elude businesses when it comes to the IT industry. Jarrod has recently focused on Cloud solutions as they offer greater agility to business development while minimising the risk of downtime through offloading of IT responsibilities and substituting inadequate IT facilities.

Jarrod has always had a keen desire for learning and problem solving believing there is no problem that can’t be solved.. providing it doesn’t break any laws of physics.

Jarrod also finds ways to fulfill his Vitamin D quota by playing in sports such as golf and tennis (all work and no play make a dull..) since most office lights don’t provide this…yet.

  • Location: Sunshine Coast QLD